Video Game Voice Over

Truth in Acting Brings Video Games to Life

It is a great challenge for a voice actor to embody and perform the specific characteristics of a video game character, yet Keith has the skill and emotional accessibility to accomplish this with aplomb. His extensive acting training for both on-camera and voice over has given him the tools to quickly access the means for mastering a character’s performance. A performance that is truthful and compelling. In addition, his experience in horse racing has given him a certain “joie de vivre” that infuses his work. Performance for video games requires solid acting technique, complete commitment, and belief in the role. These are qualities that Keith fully encapsulates. At times he is a method actor, while on other occasions he chooses the art of substitution and improvisational games to create fully fleshed-out and honest characters. They become living and breathing human beings encountering a multitude of obstacles and challenges to attain their deepest desires. Acting for "games is more of an embodiment as opposed to simply pretending."

How Video Games Are a Microcosm of Life

Video Game voice over is intrinsically real and believable. It can offer a window to the soul. It is gloriously cinematic to the nth degree. Film acting and video game acting are closely related stylistically and performance-wise. A compelling video game character draws the player into the fullness of the story. It is paramount for the voice actor to fully immerse oneself into the character. He must live and breathe "human foibles and triumphs." He expresses subtle emotional shifts in his dialogue and then launches into an over-the-top display of passion and verve during battle and high-intensity action sequences. Keith had an atypical childhood, growing up in the magical world of horse racing. Horse racing granted him the privilege of traveling across the United States, even living in Ireland and England for several years. His father, Leo was a successful steeplechase jockey and later thoroughbred trainer. For a time, Keith followed suit and immersed himself in the all-encompassing world of horse racing. However, his passion and love for acting "dictated that his path in life would change direction." He made the bold switch to pursue acting on-camera and behind the microphone. Noted for his realism and honesty in on-camera acting, he brings the same subtle variety and intensity to his video game acting.

Imagination Fuels Video Game Voice Over

Fearless in his commitment to a role, Keith will bring spontaneity and freshness to each project and character. He discovers the soul of his characters and how their personality acts and reacts in their video game journey. His endless imagination encourages him to experiment and take bold risks in his journey to be the character. A dream for video game creators, Keith will furnish producers with a plethora of choices and possibilities they may not have even considered. He strives to gift them with an embarrassment of riches emanating from his fearless acting choices for individual characters.

As a child his fertile imagination was cultivated by popular toys of the time. He gravitated to the world of GI Joe in the United States and Action Man in Great Britain. He would devote endless hours to creating scenarios and battle sequences for his action figures to survive. His action figures developed fleshed-out personalities that became real with honest intentions and motivations. As he grew older, he continued to collect historical action figures representing various eras of human history. Eras dating from the ancient Roman times to the Middle Ages to the Napoleonic Wars, and the tumultuous world wars of the twentieth century. Keith has an insatiable fascination with history that gives him an implicit understanding of many genres of video games. Genres of games that include but are not limited to Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, Tower defense games, Shooter, War, Adventure, Survival, Action, Multiplayer, Player vs Player, RPG, Strategy, Castle, Medieval, Robot, Horror, Battle Royale, Survival horror, Tactical RPG, Stealth Action, Hack ’n’ Slash RPG, and many more.

Juggernaut Budgets Drive Video Game Production

The cinematic beauty of modern video games is evident in the spectacularly real settings and scenes of the games. They are virtuoso paintings on fantastically detailed screens. The screens are populated by images of characters that are difficult to differentiate between being computer-generated or actual human beings on screen. Furthermore, such quality of imagery deserves only the most realistic voice over performance. The voice is the final ingredient in the creation of believable characters and gameplay

The video game industry has become a $300 billion industry. It is projected to grow by nearly 14% in the next 5-7 years. The global youth market for games has continued to grow exponentially. In addition, there has been an increase in older adults with more free time seeking entertainment through gaming. The budget for the development, marketing, and distribution of games rivals the biggest blockbuster films in Hollywood. Every detail of design and creation is researched and brought to life with painstaking artistry. Furthermore, the voice acting for such projects must surpass expectations. The voice acting talents of Keith will add layers of realism and engagement that will support the game journey and leave players and developers emotionally satiated.