Commercial voice over

Keith is a highly trained voice over actor in the art commercial storytelling. He has lended his voice for television, radio, internet, social media and for a plethora of large and small brands. His spots have been for food brands, banks, insurance companies, gaming, automobiles and even messages on hold. His unique style of storytelling and easy to work with professionalism is perfect for telling your story.

How A Commercial Voice Can Help Your Business

The first question you might ask is, why hire Keith as your go-to voiceover talent? Simply stated Keith is a creative and collaborative actor. He prides himself on his work ethic and easy-to-direct nature. His warm personality is naturally conversational, and he has a quirky, impish side that is fun and engaging. Through his acting skills, Keith authentically portrays the guy next door, or the likable dad. He is the answer to your creative conundrum. He glides through a conversation about your service or product by establishing an emotional connection that leaves the listener wanting more. When it comes to Commercial Voiceover, Keith is your man!


How the Perfect Voiceover Is Needed for Commercials

Keith is easily accessible via email or cell phone. He is an extremely versatile and well-trained actor who is an engaging storyteller. Operating out of a Studiobricks One Plus studio and using the Steinburg UR 12 interface with a Sennheiser 416 microphone, you can be sure you are getting the very best audio quality. He utilizes Source One recording software and Twisted Wave as his equally viable backup. Available to be live-directed through Source Connect Standard, Zoom, or Skype. In addition, Keith can be booked on short notice for rush projects.

Being a highly trained voice-over actor in the art of commercial storytelling Keith has lent his voice to television, radio, the internet, social media, and a plethora of large and small brands. His spots have been for food brands, banks, insurance companies, gaming, automobiles, and even messages on hold. His unique style of storytelling and easy-to-work-with professionalism are perfect for telling your story.

Commercial Voiceover Story Telling

Modern television commercials are short cinematic masterpieces. The images tell a story that is impactful and the sound within that story must emotionally affect the audience and inspire them to take action. It is the voiceover that drives the viewer’s imagination with the artful delivery of the message that each specific brand wishes to impart to the audience. A professional voice talent is thereby the means of conveying that information. As a skilled voice actor, Keith O’Brien has the voice and personality that is credible and trustworthy. He skilfully weaves a tale that is compelling, honest, and pleasing to the ear.

Commercial voiceover is all about storytelling. They are telling consumers and listeners relevant information in an engaging and truthful manner. The modern consumer does not want to be sold, rather they wish to be entertained by a compelling story. They want to connect on a human level with the person relaying that story to them. A story must strike a personal chord with a listener, allowing them to relate on an intrinsic level. Keith’s voiceover talent draws the listener in with his narrative acumen and allows the listener to fully engage with the story and connect in a genuine way. Whether it is through his humor, passion, conversation, or friendly demeanor, Keith will affect the listener in a very real and truthful manner.

Voiceover Platforms - Where Are the Commercials?

There is a myriad of platforms in the modern landscape on which to advertise. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Threads, and so forth present opportunities for advertisers to share their stories and reach millions of potential customers. These are those very stories that are told through video and voiceover. Keith’s youthful and friendly sound is the perfect accompaniment for advertising on these platforms. His professional voice is persuasive with an honest and warm tone.

Radio Commercial Voiceover

Radio commercials represent a different style of storytelling. They are like short radio plays that must reach out and draw the listener in. They need to cut through the noise of everyday life and hook the listener with a more dramatic and energetic style. Keith's voice can be quirky and energetic. Creating a sense of urgency which is paramount for radio commercials. This skill can be accomplished through artful storytelling that is funny and honest, all while resonating with the listener.

As a whole, an experienced and skilled voiceover talent can convey the very essence of a brand’s message with unique and persuasive storytelling. Adjusting the delivery to better suit each specific advertising medium, all the while remaining true to the story being told. When audiences can see and hear the message in a palpable manner, they are more apt to absorb the information and act upon it.