Audiobook Narration

Technology Enables Growth Within Audiobooks

Audiobooks have become the most popular segment of the publishing industry.  As a result of the digital era, audiences are now able to incorporate listening to audiobooks as part of their hectic daily activities. The advances in technology have transformed how publishers produce and distribute recordings. With the production of audio for multiple formats, consumers now have a plethora of options from which to purchase and listen to audiobooks. In 2022, the sales of audiobooks reached $1.8 billion. It is an industry that continues to expand with over 50% of Americans saying they have listened to an audiobook via some form of technology. It is projected to have an annual growth rate of 26% between 2023 and 2030. Audiobook Narration serves to both entertain and educate. Businessmen and businesswomen can plug into their mobile devices and be transported to a new world full of adventure as they ride the train to the office. Moms can be entertained by listening to fascinating stories while engaged in mundane but necessary tasks at home. Children can learn while also being entertained by the nuances of the narrator. Stories that are transmitted through audio enhance our daily lives.

An Audiobook Narrator Directs a Film of the Mind

Audiobook voice over is not simply reading the words on a page. It is about encompassing and inhabiting an entire world. The words must live and breathe through the narrator as they are transported to a world replete with memorable characters and epic adventures that can be both stirring and tragic. The performance of the voice over talent is paramount in creating the movie playing inside the listener’s mind. The pictures must be real and vivid, achieved through the subtle variation and emotional shifts that only an artful human voice can truly deliver. Recognizing the tone of the piece and what drives the individual character motivations are qualities the voice talent accomplishes through passionate storytelling. A story can have numerous plots and subplots. Playing the subtext in a story creates additional layers that a professionally trained narrator can utilize to imbue into the life of the character’s journey.

Audiobook Narration - Imaginative Voice Actor Delivering Fictional Tales

As a young child, Keith grew up in the world of horse racing. He encountered a myriad of characters and personalities while traveling around the globe. Working with racehorses gave him an appreciation of the grace and majesty of these wondrous creatures. Horses are remarkably sensitive and intelligent creatures that can detect emotional shifts in the people around them. He has learned to bring his own emotional vulnerability to his storytelling, thus making it uniquely relatable and impactful. His charm and truth allow the story to unfold in the listener’s mind and ear with alacrity and tenderness. While on other occasions he creates a darker and more foreboding mood that encapsulates and propels the scene forward. Each word has significance but some are more meaningful than others. His vocal dexterity identifies the words that promote the story's unfolding in an organic and captivating style. Keith enjoys regaling the listener with Science Fiction/Fantasy tales, Mystery/Thrillers, and even Romance sagas. He has recorded multiple works of fiction and is constantly striving to improve his storytelling acumen.

Finding the Story in Non-Fiction - An Audiobook Narration Challenge

Audiobook Nonfiction is a subgenre that Keith is equally adept at performing. At times non-fiction audiobooks can be humorous and entertaining, while on other occasions they can be instructional or enlightening. The specific content for each piece requires a keen sense of the story in order to effectively convey the proper meaning of the story. He has a wonderful sense of pacing that allows the ideas being expressed to be fully absorbed by the listener. Subtle changes in the tone and phrasing by the voice actor create memorable moments that are played in the listener’s mind. The ultimate goal of the audiobook narrator is to serve the written word in a genuine and meaningful manner and deliver the essence of the story to the conscious and subconscious mind. An avid history buff, Keith enjoys narrating historical fiction and non-fiction. He has recorded memoirs, biographies, and a plethora of how-to books. Reach out to Keith and discover how his audiobook narration can bring your individual story to life.

Narration Essentials, A State of the Art Home Studio

Not only has technology made audiobooks more accessible to consumers but it has also enabled voice actors to produce high-quality audio efficiently and professionally. Keith records in a Studiobricks One Plus studio that creates a professional sound and captures the acting essence of the performer. In addition, he utilizes a Sennheiser 416 microphone that elicits every nuance of his delivery. His recording software is Studio One and incorporates the punch and roll technique. The interface is a Steinburg UR 12. Rest assured that the high-quality technology employed in Keith’s studio will produce the highest sound quality for the listener.