Keith's voice is engaging and friendly, just like the guy next door. His vocal range extends from quirky and humorous to driven and edgy, and energetic and warm. He is a voice actor able to express the subtle emotions unique to each story.

Keith's talent as a voice actor is apparent in his endless repertoire of fascinating and real characters. His voice can express the emotional drama and realism depicted in video games, while his infectious energy and honesty as a voice actor creates memorable and believable characters for animation and audiobooks. Keith's professionalism as a voice actor is easily identified by his ability to take direction, all the while maintaining a friendly nature dedicated to serving the voice over session.

Keith's voice has been featured in spots for clients such as Verizon, Nickelodeon, Gatorade, and Audible to name but a few. You are invited to enter the voice world of Keith O'Brien, where you are sure to find the right voice for your story!



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